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Clever Storage Ideas for Everyone!

Those of you who have read my blog posts in the past, know that I am a big fan of the Apartment Therapy blog. Although the overall slant of the blog is about how to use limited space in a clever, tasteful and design-lover-worthy way (such as in apartment living) - I find there are many posts which are relevant to life in single family home as well. Many of us Northampton dwellers are design-driven. You don't have to live in a tiny apartment in a large city like NYC to appreciate clever and well-designed storage ideas! As realtors, we are often faced with the challenge of helping seller clients remove the clutter in their homes. This article highlights some great ideas for creating storage solutions in your home... which can help both with decluttering for resale, or just day to day clutter-free living! It also provides great ideas for people who are either building or renovating their homes. Enjoy!


10 Clever Hidden Storage Solutions You'll Wish You Had at Home

Run–don't walk–to your nearest contractor, cabinet maker or handy family member and ask–nay, beg–to have one of these seriously smart solutions built into the storage around your home.

Some of these ideas might even be worthwhile for long-term renters; if you're settled into your "almost-forever" apartment, give your existing cabinet specs to a builder and see if they can't craft a new drawer or slide-in piece with one of these brilliant solutions built right in:

Above: A drawer for all your endless utensils.
From Hearthstone Design.

This slide-out bathroom styling station.
From Sicora Design Build.

This pull-out sideways medicine cabinet.
From College City Design Build, via Houzz

These slim drawers built in the bathtub casing.
Designed by Wanda Ely, spotted in this tour on Houzz.

This convenient spot for dry ingredients.
From a 2009 issue of Maison & Demeure.

These stairs-turned-drawers.
As seen on Houzz, from Henarise Pty. Ltd.

This cleaning supply cabinet with a built-in caddy.
From Wood Mode Custom Cabinets.

This hideaway pet dish and food storage combo.
Another one from Wood Mode Custom Cabinets.

This slide-out knife block.
Designed by Signature Design & Cabinetry and featured on The Kitchn.

And this drawer, which is actually a ninja stepstool.
From The Kitchen Source, via Houzz.

(Image credits: Jeff Freeman; Sicora Design Build; College City Design Build; Andrew Snow; Maison & Demeure; Henarise Pty. Ltd.; Wood Mode; Signature Design and Cabinetry; The Kitchen Source)


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