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Housing Market Predictions for 2023

Housing Market Predictions For 2023: Are Home Prices Finally Becoming Affordable?

Well, Spring is definitely here - as evidenced by the colorful spring plants and flowering trees in full, glorious bloom all over the Pioneer Valley. The Spring real estate market, however, seems to be lagging behind. For realtors, buyers and sellers, this time of year is usually abuzz with activity. Yet this year, we are not seeing the [...]

Housing Predictions for 2023

Our clients and prospective clients often ask us whether housing prices will increase, and whether or not there will be sufficient inventory coming on the market in the near future. Some common questions might include: "will next Spring be as crazy as last Spring?" "Are there any great houses coming on the market?". One catch phrase we rely [...]

Reasons Your Business Should Locate in the Five College Area

Students posing for picture on college campus

When it comes to commercial real estate and having a successful business, it’s all about location. New and existing business owners looking for a prime location to set up shop should consider the Five College area. This unique and diverse area offers business owners a variety of benefits. Maple and Main Realty details what makes this [...]

Be on the Lookout for These New Kitchen Trends

A kitchen with textured white tile, a brass hood, and open shelving.

As we gear up for the next spring market, now is a good time to give thought to any updates we might want to make to our spaces. If you are a home buyer, you may be interested in following article from Food52, which highlights some exciting new design trends. If you are a homeowner who intends to stay put, perhaps it will give you some "Inspo" for your next


Let's Declutter!

Well, Omicron is here and, so, it seems, we are back indoors with ourselves and our stuff! As much as I view my home as my refuge, I also feel oppressed by the various deserted projects I have attempted to complete throughout the pandemic - not to mention the areas of my home that require (continued) attention: maintenance, deep cleaning,


Attention All Gardeners and Homeowners: Beware of Jumping Worms!

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If you are a local homeowner with some amount of land that you take pride in maintaining (or paying someone to maintain), this article will be of interest to you. As I take stock of my own yard, preparing my beds for the dormant season, hiring someone to prune certain shrubs and trees, and wondering how to manage all of the leaves (turn
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