At Maple and Main Realty, our agents are all qualified and experienced buyer's agents who can help you in the process of purchasing a house, condominium, multi-family or commercial building in Northampton, Amherst and all surrounding towns inlcuding the hilltowns of Western MA.  A buyer's agent will be your advocate throughout the process and guide you each of the step of the way, from helping you decide what type of property to purchase, setting up viewings,  advising you on what to offer, writing up the offer and how to counter offer, negotiating post-inspection of the property and finally, preparing for closing. Contact us today to find out about how to get started!

Many buyers are curious about what first steps they need to take in order to ready themselves for a home purchase.  The 2 most important beginning homebuying steps are:

1.  Find a buyer's agent.  Your buyer's agent/realtor is your advocate through the entire process.  They will walk you through the steps involved in a home purchase, negotiate on your behalf, help you find a home inspector, recommend a real estate attorney, and connect you with lenders to help you start the process of obtaining a loan. The brokerage fee for the buyer's agent is usually built into the purchase price of the house, so a buyer doesn't pay a buyer agent directly in most cases.  Having an experienced advisor to assist you throughout the process is invaluable.

2.  Speak to a bank and seek pre-approval.  Most sellers want to know up front that a buyer is qualified to purchase their home.  A bank can issue you a pre-approval letter relatively quickly.  Your buyer's agent can recommend a list of qualified lenders and mortgage brokers where you can seek pre-approval. This process will also help you understand what you can realistically and comfortably afford.

Photo credit: Bob Hallock