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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Susan was a great agent - very knowledgeable and thorough, advocated for us through the whole process, and we especially helpful to us as first time home buyers. Would highly recommend to anyone in the market for buying a property, especially those new to the process!



When we bought our first home, our starter home some would call it, back in 2005, we went with someone we knew through friends as our realtor.  Katie Lyons helped us find a fixer-upper duplex in Easthampton that was perfect for us at the time.  The home needed work, but it had solid bones, was in a good location, and the price was right.  We were beginners at this whole homebuying game, and she walked us through every step with confidence, explaining to us the process as we went along.  We couldn't have been happier with how she helped us find and purchase our home, and we went from aquaintances to friends.  Fast forward seven years, and two children (plus one on the way), we had outgrown our home in Easthampton.  We knew we wanted to be somewhere more rural, we just weren't sure exactly where.  Once we made up our mind to move, we didn't hesitate to call Katie again. On a whirlwind tour of the valley, Katie showed us over ten houses in five days from Hatfield to Williamsburg to Southampton.  The fifth day she showed us the home we now live in and love in Southampton.  We cannot speak highly enough about Katie's professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail.  Plus, she makes the homebuying process fun, which is really what it should be.



"My siblings and i were trying to sell our deceased parents unique property which had a grandfathered second small home that was being used as a rental unit. The property had been on the market for 8 months and we decided to switch to a new agent when the agreement was going to run out with the current agent we were using due to a number of factors that left us wanting. We got a reference to Mark from an RE Agent that was a friend of a friend of ours. Even on the phone interview with Mark i could tell that i wanted to work with him. His unassuming and straightforward manor of communication was a welcome change from the previous agent. After signing on with Mark, we had a number of bumps along the road, but nothing due to Mark. In fact Mark was helpful in smoothing out each bump, explaining each bump, and providing all the information we needed to navigate over or around each bump. He was also extremely considerate of the tenant that was still in the rental unit in regards to both the pandemic and about all inspections that had to take place for the sale. Mark was good with using email, phone and texting where appropriate for timely matters which fit perfectly with my style of communicating. Mark also had references to professional contractors, two of which we hired to take care of a few issues on a timely manner and were very pleased with the work done. We felt extremely lucky to have met and had the pleasure to work with Mark. He worked really hard for his pay. And he deserved it."

251 Pelham Rd, Amherst, MA 01002

“I have always appreciated the amount of initiative and knowledge Chrissy brings to the table. I am excited to see where this new adventure takes her, and how much she brings to others as a real estate agent. We look forward to utilizing her skills when we buy a house in the next year or so!” -Montana, Easthampton

Shelly was a pleasure to work with. I would use her services again in a heartbeat!

"From start to finish, Julie guided us in the process of selling our house. She was highly organized, reliable, responsive, positive, honest and savvy about the local market. She provided a clear and direct assessment of why our house hadn't sold the first time on the market (not easy feedback to  receive but it was honest and served us well). She texted us with timely updates. Her decades of experience in the field provided useful access to resources such as carpenters, painters, smoke detector 'fixer-uppers', etc. Selling a house that has been a family home can be emotionally stressful and Julie was relational, practical and professional. We recommend her without a single reservation!" M. Babbott

"Kate knows a house is yours before you do." This is how Kate Iles was described to me when we were looking for a realtor, and this is how I have described Kate to friends and family who are now looking for homes with her help! She is an invaluable resource. As a local, she knows the area intimately--who grew up in which house, who your potential new neighbors are, where the best place is to do or buy anything. She is funny, direct, and smart--house hunting is a pleasant experience with her. She is very honest about possible problems with a property and never declares that anything is perfect. I, however, will say that she found a house that is perfect for us!


I am a first-time homebuyer and Shelly helped me find my perfect home! She was there for me every single step of the way, and was knowledgable and experienced to answer all of my questions and clarify my confusions (and there were a lot of them!). I would recommend Shelly's expertise and enjoyable company to anyone who wants a positive experience in real estate!!!

Mark has worked with our family through several transactions with our family first with our father and then with my brother and I. He has earned and maintained our trust through out the years and is a committed real estate agent for buyers and sellers. His knowledge,integrity and timely follow through during the transactions made our transactions as smooth as they could be even when working at times from a distance. His use of technology eased the signing of documents and gave a visual listing that attracted buyers. I highly recommend him to prospective buyers and sellers as his positive work ethic and personal attention to his clients has earned our respect.

Julie did a wonderful job from start to finish. We felt that she listened carefully to our needs and responded to them effectively. This is especially notable given that we lived out of state, and as a result, many of our interactions took place by telephone and email. 


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